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The SSM 9 is used for selective soldering and desoldering of multipolar trough hole components (THT). Due to the programmable parameters precise and repeatable user independent results can be achieved.

Main Features

  • Flexible solutions for standard-or irregular shaped components
  • Up to 10 programmable parameters can be stored and recalled on demand
  • Easy height adjustment of the printed circuit board over the flow well
  • Stable construction: Easy to use and stable table top machine
  • Increase of the efficiency due to quick positioning with the air nozzle, simultaneous fusing and soldering of all connections, reliable blowing out of the holes from above, right after removing the component
  • Also irregular shaped boards up to a size of 840 x 600 mm can be fixed on the quick locking board holder
  • Blow out option to clean the solder joints after removal of a connector
  • Application specific tooling for any kind of component also on dense populated boards, including multi soldering solutions, for wetting of defined positions
  • Optional preheater module PH 4, especially for the lead-free applications
  • Lead-free retrofit: Already installed machines can be retrofitted for lead-free applications

Programmable parameters

Due to up to ten programmable parameters as soldering temperature, cycle time, wave height, ramp up and ramp down, operator independent, precise and repeatable soldering results occur with the SSM 9.

Optional preheater module PH 4

To improve the performance for lead-free applications

The preheater module PH 4 can be used as individual device or together with the SSM 4A or the SSM 9. Due to preheating of the printed circuit board before the soldering process, the risk of delamination of the copper can be reduced. The preheater PH 4 uses IR technology to preheat the printed circuit board on an area of 300 x 300 mm with a performance of 3500 watt.

Application Range

Damaged components can be replaced

Prototypes can be equipped and soldered with the SSM machines

THT Components that are missing at assembly time can be placed and soldered later, or individual THT components which cannot be handled by the available production machines can be retrofitted with the SSM 9.

If only a few components need to be placed on a circuit board, a SSM soldering- and desoldering machine often is the easiest and most economical way.

The ergonomic design allows to work fast and easy and guarantee highest precision results.

Wide application range
    • Work with multilayer circuit boards
    • Processing of components with complicated geometries as switcher blocks and long connector strips
    • Work with boards which are fitted with mixed components
    • Soldering at the component side also between high, adjoining components
    • Soldering and desoldering von pin grid arrays and bases
    • Soldering on flex circuit boards