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ONYX 500

The ONYX 500 is the fully automatic version of the thoroughly tested and well-established ONYX 29 platform. It is a versatile system built for dynamic and automatic rework processes. Its flexible conception and modularity enable an easy processing of the most demanding components.

Main Features

  • Multifunctional hot gas heater head
  • All axes motorized with closed loop motion control
  • Automatic and overall process control
  • Multiple thermocouple ports to control process temperature
  • Closed loop force control of the Z-axis for automatic picking, fluxing, placing and removing processes in order to protect sensitive parts
  • Closed loop gas flow control from 8 to 80 l/min
  • Automatic contactless site cleaning for removal of residual solder with a motorized X/Y/Z-System

Out of the ZEVAC rework component matrix the system is equipped with traditional, rework specific components, i.e. hot gas head capabilities and configurable options as:

  • Force measurement table secure precise closed loop control of each operations
  • Automatic nozzle changers for soldering / de-soldering, component picking & placement as well as pin print transfer nozzles
  • Dip station for transferring solder paste, silver paste or flux
  • Automatic tape feeders
  • Fixture to hold multiple PCBs
  • Wide range of standard or customized nozzles designed according to application requirements
Zevac Products Onyx Milling

Automated Repair of circuit boards

Like the ONYX 29, the ONYX 500 builds on a very stable robot platform with linear motors, encoders and linear scales securing the highest precision and reproducible results. The dynamic robot head is multifunctional and includes the top hot gas heater, the camera system, and a solder paste dispensing solution. With the programmable and software controlled system, application programs can be generated with all required process parameters and stored in databases. It supports processes to automatically de-solder and remove defective parts, to perform contactless solder removal from the pads, to automatically apply fresh solder paste or flux, to automatically pick, to visually align and place components. As well it enables the automatic soldering of components passed on the stored process parameters and thermo solder profiles.

Application range

Selective soldering , clean the site and desoldering of SMD and any odd shaped components. It allows all possible reworks processes to be executed fully automatic and operator independent.The high-performance ONYX 500 guarantees highest reliability and ease of operation. It is equipped with a special active vision system for the accurate and automatic alignment of all SMD’s including all fine pitch components.