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Zevac Geschichte


ZEVAC is a Swiss company based in Solothurn. Since the repositioning in Solothurn 1988, Zevac AG grew continuously to an international acting company. The success story of ZEVAC started in 1978 in Germany when the company realized its first products with the development and production of selective soldering machines for the electronics industry.

More than 40 years of experience in repair and selective soldering of electronic printed circuit boards, with highly motivated and experienced employees, enables ZEVAC to set new milestones every year.

  • 1978
    - Founding of ZEVAC AG Germany
    - Partnership with Air-Vac Engineering Inc. USA

  • 1985
    Launching of the product PCBRM 10/12

  • 1988
    - Moving of the headquarters from Germany
      to Switzerland
    - Beginning of the close partnership with Zevatech AG

  • 1989
    Worldwide distribution of DRS repair machines

  • 1997
    Relocation to the current site in Solothurn

  • 1999
    Beginning of the close partnership with Infotech AG

  • 2000
    - Worldwide distribution of ONYX repair machines
    - Micro-assembly machine ONYX 32

  • 2003
    Semi-automated repair machine ONYX 29

  • 2004
    First production cell IC-1000

  • 2005
    Semi-automated repair machine ONYX 25

  • 2006
    Semi-automated repair machine ONYX 24

  • 2009
    Founding of the branch office in Germany

  • 2018
    - ONYX MILLING, precise removal of components
    - Celebrating 40 years anniversary
    - More than 6000 successfully installed machines