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ONYX 1000

The ONYX 1000 is the only truly fully automated rework solution on a large platform that allows the entire process to be completed autonomously at the click of a mouse. Designed to rework large and heavy SMD boards up to 800 mm x 630mm.

  • Large board handling for PCBs up to
    800 mm x 630 mm.
  • Individually adjustable temperature zones:
    Hot and cold zones.

Main features

  • Large board handling for PCBs up to 630 mm x 800 mm.
  • Automatic closed-loop force control of the Z-axis for automatic pick and place, contactless site cleaning, fluxing, dispensing, soldering processes in order to protect sensitive parts.
  • All axes motorized with closed-loop motion control.
  • State-of-the-art, easy to use and intuitive software including Vision Cognex Vpro license.
  • Multifunctional robot head combining hot gas head + SMT pick & place head.
  • Two automatic tool changers for the hot gas head and the pick & place head.
  • MFOV system for high resolution inspection of components up to 70 mm x 70 mm (optional 110 mm x 110 mm).
  • 800 W multi-function hot gas heater head:
    Solder components, remove components, site clean (contactless and automatic removal of residual solder).
  • Adjustable bottom preheaters with a performance of up to 12’000 W including integrated board cooling.
  • 3 different controlled cooling systems to control the temperature profile with the highest precision.
  • High precision closed-loop gas flow control from 8 to 80 l/min.
  • Automatic contactless site cleaning for removal of residual solder with a motorized X / Y / Z system.
  • Integrated dispensing head (optional).
  • Automatic feeders and waffle trays for component feeding.
  • Integrated dipping station for flux and solder paste.
  • Eight thermocouple ports for process temperature control.
  • Flexible board carrier for easy handling of irregularly shaped assemblies without additional fixtures.
Zevac Products Machine Fully automatic IC-900

Reduce operator influence on your results

Because the ONYX 1000 can run your entire process automatically, the operator is reduced to a supervisory role and does not influence the machine‘s results. Quality is assured and consistent, regardless of who starts the programme, and process knowledge is stored in the machine. The operator has time to ensure component availability and monitor multiple systems in parallel.

More workspace

The ONYX 1000 is the evolution of the proven ONYX 500. Its flexibility has been further enhanced by the ability to divide the work area so that each process step can be carried out independently at its own temperature level. For example, a cold zone for dispensing applications using the integrated dispensing head, before moving the PCBs to a warm zone for soldering activities.